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Issue-Focused Session

An Issue-Focused Session (IFM) is approximately 3 hours where we address one particular issue through all 4 ministry areas of the RTF integrated approach. 

Price: $250 

A Thorough-Format Ministry (TFM) is 5 sessions (approximately 3 hours each, usually over 5 days) where we address multiple issues through all 4 ministry areas of the RTF integrated approach. The sessions would include an interview session, plus a session for each of the 4 ministry areas of RTF. 

Price: $1,250

Thorough-Format Ministry

Couple's Thorough-Format

For married couples, 7 sessions. Each person would experience their own Thorough-Format Ministry (TFM) individually, within the same week, with 2 added couple's sessions at the beginning and the end of the ministry week. 

Price: $2,800

Note: Pricing is established by Restoring The Foundations. If cost is an issue, please let us know personally, so we can work with you. 

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