NYC Area RTF Receiver Testimonies

I did want to take the time to write to you to tell you how vital and powerful your RTF work is.  Your ministry with the people I have sent you has been invaluable in terms taking them to “another level” with Christ. As you know, some of these people are not  believers, or are nominal in their relationship with God.  In any case the feedback and results from these I have sent has been impactful.  Of course we know that people need to follow through with the certain disciplines that you prescribe. When they do, along with our work with them, they move forward in a more victorious way. So I want to encourage you and commend you in your ministry. I pray that God increases this work and that you may reach as many as possible to help set the captives free.

-Bill Hoffman 

Hey Vinny good morning man!! Just wanted to share Kat and I got engaged last night and thank you for the amazing part you had in our relationship and us growing to become the people we are. We are in a much healthier position now and have grown tremendously in seeking to understand each other and working through issues as one. I have always believed in God but it was through you and Liz and RTF that I 100% knew God was real and the power and blessings of His miracles. Hope all is well and please give regards to Liz as well happy holidays 🥰


RTF ministry has been life changing. Vin and Liz did a great job gently guiding me through my past hurts, ungodly beliefs and generational sin/patterns that I never was able to get past. I experienced God in a way I have never before, in my 35+ years as a believer. With their help, I was able to identify and get past stumbling blocks in my life. I was able to clearly see Gods love for me and who I truly am in Christ.

Vin and Liz are a fantastic team and are being used by God to heal hearts.

Our Christian life every day is a spiritual battle (Ephesians 6:10-12) and the more intimate our relationship is with our Heavenly Father, the more Satan will be targeting us. I’ve been a born-again believer 30 years. God used Vinnie and Liz in such a powerful way to flush out issues that I have been struggling with, exposing them, and by the grace of the Almighty God, powerfully rebuking Satan.

They help me see that I am not just a servant but a son. I strongly encourage all believers to allow God to use Vinnie and Liz in this very important step as we grow in the image of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

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