Vinnie & Liz  DeMarco 


Partner With Us

NOTE: This page is under construction.

We are active as missionaries and RTF ministers, however, we are NOT yet full-time in these as we would like to be. We have not established a system for mission support through monthly giving (it was not a need), or a regular newsletter for prayer support. These may come in the future. For now, if you desire/feel lead to pray for us or give financially, check our blog and social media, or send a single gift through Venmo or PayPal. 

Venmo: Vinnie-Demarco


May you always sew seed in fertile ground, and may it be multiplied in a fruitful harvest back to you. We pray you hear and follow the voice of God and His Holy Spirit, that you be blessed in every way, and experience Jesus' love and presence as you live totally surrendered to Him in every aspect of your lives. Thank you. 

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