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Hello! We are Vinnie and Elizabeth Demarco. Before we met, we were separately “missions people” to 15+ countries around the world (if we combine). Vinnie with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and Liz with various ministries. Vinnie is a musician who enjoys exercise and completed multiple YWAM schools. It was in the YWAM Kona Counseling school he discovered RTF. Liz has a BA in Psychology, and 8 years of balloon/event decorating experience between missions. She was introduced to RTF in South Africa while doing a missions school with Iris Global. 


We met and became good friends in North Carolina in 2016, while getting the full training for RTF. We married in 2018 and have been RTF ministry partners ever since. Concerning our joint interests in overall body, soul, and spirit health, and Liz’s physical health complications with a chronic illness/blood cancer, we got even more drawn to making our ministry and business a holistic one. We want to address the whole person. RTF was the inner healing and deliverance prayer ministry we used to address the roots in the soul and the spiritual. Vinnie moved forward in Personal Training and Nutrition certifications as we broadened to several physical resources as well. 


Our passion is to see people encounter their creator God in their whole being, to really know Him and His Love that heals, to receive the fullness of the finished work of Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection, and to see His Kingdom come on earth and in their being as it is in heaven. 


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